Safety Strategies

Warning Signs

Safety Strategies

  1. Look out for the warning signs before an assault (taking drugs, bad day at work, pay day, physical signs like clenched fists, etc). Try to leave before abuse happens.

  2. If there are weapons in your home see if you can lock them up, lose the ammunition, etc.

  3. Perhaps figure out a way to signal to your neighbors or hall mates to call 911 if necessary.

  4. Consider staying with friends or family when tension builds if you share a home with your partner.

  5. Make preparations in case you must leave home. This would include taking money out of your bank account to put aside as well as keeping important documents easily accessible. Important documents include student ID card, driver’s license, credit cards, passport, green card, social security card, keys, financial information, and prescription cards and information.

  6. Reach out for help – enlist your friends and family to build a support network.

The Voices Against Violence program can provide you with a comprehensive Safety Plan specifically for UMBC students or you can pick one up in the Health Education office in Erickson.