Programs and Information


UMBC provides several programs to educate the UMBC Community on relationship violence prevention. The “I Deserve…” Poster and Digital Signage campaign and Green Dot are among the many initiatives sponsored by the Verizon Foundation grant.

“I Deserve…” was developed to create greater awareness of relationship violence focusing on the qualities of healthy relationships by combining imagery and words submitted and created by UMBC students, faculty and staff.

To further support efforts for bystander intervention a new poster campaign was developed, “What is your Green Dot?” depicting UMBC and its community members in various scenarios using comic book themed design. This approach allowed for numerous participation, full story telling in single page design, representing the campus and students, faculty and staff while maintaining sensitivity to anonymity.

Additionally, the UMBC Relationship Violence Prevention Advocates program is available for those who want to provide information on prevention, to take notice of and report to advocate trainers, encourage bystander intervention techniques and to provide appropriate referrals.